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We have partnered with iTera, Inc., a leading developer and integrator of iSeries availability solutions. They specialize in the development of software solutions to increase and improve the availability of IBM iSeries systems as well as streamline data management processes. Give us a call to schedule a demonstration of the product!

iTera Press Release
iTera Press Release (Word Document)

Company Overview
About iTera, Inc.

Product Information:
Echo2 High Availability - The next generation of iSeries high availability, Echo2 is extremely reliable, easy to use, and affordable. Read more...

Reorganize While Active - Reorganize files without user downtime, thus improving system performance without interfering with user productivity. Read more...

GuardianSave - Perform daily backups without downtime and easily recover data to a point of failure with this innovative utility. Read more...

White Paper
An Introduction to iSeries High Availability.

Benefits of Remote Journaling
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Introduction to High Availability for iSeries
This paper presents an overview of iSeries high availability to companies that are beginning to explore this powerful business continuity technology. The critical components of high availability solutions are detailed in this paper, including data replication engines, system monitors, role swap capabilities, and the importance of autonomic processes. Also provided is information on the cost of planned and unplanned downtime, and a brief overview of disaster recovery strategies.
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Exploding the 6 Common Myths of iSeries High Availability
When it comes to iSeries high availability, many misconceptions abound. The most common myths address the lack of reliability, the difficulty of use, and the high expense. These and other common misconceptions about iSeries high availability are addressed in detail in this executive overview from iTera. You might be surprised about what you learn. And since finding the right high availability solution is critical for companies trying to reduce downtime, this also paper provides a comprehensive look at the most important factors to evaluate when looking at the various high availability solutions on the market.
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Introduction to Backup and Recovery Strategies for IBM iSeries
From the most fundamental technologies of UPS and tape backups to more robust methods like disk mirroring, high availability and clustering, this comprehensive white paper provides an overview of the spectrum of backup/recovery technologies and methodologies for iSeries. Use this information to create your own backup and recovery strategy that strikes the delicate balance between two the key disaster recovery issues that face every company: 1) the amount of downtime and data loss the company can tolerate if the system fails or is destroyed; 2) the amount of time and money the company can afford to spend on the procedures and technologies needed to meet its data recovery expectations.
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Benefits of Remote Journaling in iSeries High Availability Solutions
Remote journaling is a function of the OS/400 operating system that works in conjunction with the normal journaling functions of OS/400 to essentially duplicate journal entries created on one iSeries machine and transmit them to another connected iSeries machine. Because of this capability, remote journaling provides numerous data protection and recovery benefits to iSeries shops, particularly when this powerful technology is integrated in iSeries high availability solutions.
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High Availability -- It's More Affordable Than You Think
The cost of having a robust high availability solution on your iSeries/i5 is plummeting, which is great news for the thousands of SMB-sized companies that are under pressure to reduce their planned and unplanned downtime. This white paper addresses in detail the many factors that are contributing to the drop in the total cost of ownership of high availability solutions.
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