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High Availability and Business Intelligence - Working Together!
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Overview:  Survey Request

The NGS-IQ business intelligence system is an end-to-end solution designed
to satisfy the full range of users and requirements for data access and
analysis. Our system includes solutions for scalable data warehouse (mart)
development, multi-dimensional desktop analysis, and advanced
query/reporting for users operating within Windows, WEB browser, and 5250
Whether you're seeking a robust query and reporting solution with
easy-to-use end user tools, or an enterprise-wide data warehouse, we request
you complete a survey to provide us with a better understanding of your
current data analysis needs and future goals.  To request a survey, send an
email to .

Overview:  White Paper Request

Business intelligence solutions turn data into accurate information that
users can quickly and easily view. Sounds simple...but it's not.
In the recently published White Paper, "Building Business Intelligence with
NGS-IQ," authors Thomas Stockwell and Janet Krueger present the challenges
in business intelligence implementation, a checklist for BI tool shopping,
and special criteria to use in your evaluation of BI solutions.
The White Paper then presents a comprehensive, objective review of the
NGS-IQ suite of iSeries solutions for advanced query, enterprise reporting,
multi-dimensional OLAP, desktop analysis, and pre-built BI starter kit. The
meta-data and security features are discussed as well as the data upload
capability. The scalability, flexibility and ease of use of NGS-IQ are
You'll also hear from the real experts, the day-to-day users of the product.
NGS-IQ customers from various industries share their experiences and
benefits from using the software.
If you're considering a BI project or solution-or simply, just interested in
getting more out of your data-this White Paper is a must read! To request
your FREE copy of the White Paper, please send an email to .

Product Explanation:
NGS-IQ is a comprehensive business intelligence solution designed
exclusively for the IBM iSeries and AS/400. The foundation of NGS-IQ is the
host-based I.Q. Server software that serves as both a traditional host-based
application for ad hoc query and production report writing, data warehouse
and data mart development and maintenance as well as the engine that
underlies Windows and Web companion tools.
I.Q. Server can be used stand-alone much like IBM Query/400. It even has a
similar look and feel to Query/400 to minimize the learning curve. However,
NGS has taken the application farther by incorporating features like the
* report formatting
* run-time prompting options on record selections and new field
* new fields that can be derived from your report break summary fields
without running a second query over the summary output
* output to print; display; or DB2, HTML, XML, PDF, ASCII text or CSV
* rankings
* running totals
* multi-up labels
* creating alias names over DB2 files and fields so users can better
comprehend their database
Output can be pushed from the iSeries to other servers via automated FTP or
files can be sent as email attachments to users.
The four Windows modules are called Qport Access, Data Warehouse Manager,
Qport Builder and SmartView.
Qport Access is a Windows application that lets users, who have proper
authority, pick and run existing I.Q. Server queries from their desktop,
enter run-time values for record selection criteria and calculation methods,
and indicate where the query output is to be delivered. The destination
choices include Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, Word, Microsoft Access, display, Windows
printer, SmartView (which I will explain below), or the default destination
specified in the query definition on the iSeries.
Data Warehouse Manager and Qport Builder are Web-based applications that
provide a graphical interface over different aspects of I.Q. Server. Data
Warehouse Manager brings together I.Q. Server extraction, transformation and
loading functions needed by a data warehouse developer. Qport Builder
provides a graphical work environment for producing reports.
SmartView is an iSeries-integrated, Windows-based, on-line analytical
processing module. The power of SmartView is that anyone who can run an I.Q.
query from Qport Access can select SmartView as the query output destination
and then drag and drop the fields included in the output into a layout that
instantly transforms the data into a multi-dimensional presentation. Even
relatively unsophisticated users can drill down into the summary view
presented by SmartView, pivot the fields back and forth along the row and
column axes, build business graphics, print, highlight critical values based
on user-defined criteria, and truly interrogate the report data to their
heart's content. One interesting point about SmartView is that because it
runs on Windows, the user is not eating up iSeries cycles every time there
is a change in view, e.g., initially looking at sales by customer by week
and then looking at sales by week by customer. Additionally, all the user
needs to do to refresh the SmartView output is request to run the query
again, and the new results will load directly into the multi-dimensional

The other iSeries-based module in NGS-IQ is called SeQure. It is an optional
security management system designed to allow a security officer to restrict
how NGS-IQ users can access the database and NGS-IQ queries. For example,
the security officer can define a user profile that restricts the user from
specific libraries, files, fields and even records. The administrator also
can control query access rights so specific users might be allowed to run
reports but not modify them. This is just the surface of the potential for
securing the data. It should be understood that SeQure can never be used to
bypass OS/400 security. It is meant to allow administrators and data
architects to more tightly govern access to data than OS/400 security
The NGS-IQ solution architecture, because of its native iSeries foundation,
does not use ODBC. When I.Q. Server is requested to transfer data to the
Windows desktop, it first runs the query on the iSeries as a batch
procedure, then uses an iSeries native program-to-program transport
mechanism to shuttle the resulting records across to the requesting client.
This allows for better enforcement of security. It also is a faster way to
provide end-users with data and appeals greatly to most iSeries managers who
have seen how non-iSeries centric tools can degrade server performance.

- David Gillman,
Business Development Manager

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High Availability and Business Intelligence - Working Together!