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Vormittag Associates Inc. (VAI) is a Premier IBM Business Partner and award
winning software developer. The company's enterprise software product,
System 2000, offers a suite of dynamic applications for the wholesale
distribution, manufacturing, and retail industries. Designed for the
mid-range market, System 2000 is in use in over 700 companies worldwide. In
addition to the standard customer service, inventory management,
manufacturing, retail, and financial applications, advanced applications
such as Warehouse Pro, EDI, CRM and e-business provide companies the power
to leverage their information technology investment. Most importantly,
System 2000's flexible design allows companies to personalize the product to
meet their specific requirements.

Products Overview:

System 2000 for Distribution

  Today, distributors must offer a broader product mix and meet increasingly
sophisticated demands from more suppliers and customers. Distributors also
face increased competition to gain and maintain customer loyalty. This
increased competition squeezes revenue, profits and margins, making it
harder to ensure profitability. Distributors require powerful, yet easy to
use information systems to help them enrich customer service, reduce costs,
and improve the quality of their decision making. VAI answers the call with
System 2000 for Distribution. This exciting solution provides a dynamic
suite of applications that can help distributors meet the challenges of
today's economic environment.   With System 2000's inventory management and
purchasing applications, distributors can minimize the amount of inventory
they have on hand and take advantage of advanced formulas to provide
suggested purchasing recommendations. System 2000's integrated Warehouse
Management application allows distributors to streamline business operations
and better serve their customers. Sharing information across your entire
organization is also faster and easier. With System 2000's Job Scheduler,
users can pre-set and customize reports to run automatically and deliver
these reports via email. Using work flow triggers, the system can
automatically notify users via email of events that require immediate
attention, allowing them to make quick informed decisions. Advanced
technology such as RF Bar Coding, EDI, CRM and e-business allow your company
to better leverage your information technology investments. System 2000's
flexible design allows distributors to streamline one area of your operation
today and integrate other areas tomorrow.  Call today to schedule a
demonstration at 1-800-241-4428.

System 2000 for Manufacturing

More than ever, manufacturers are facing increased pressure from domestic
and international competition. To effectively compete, and grow the
business, manufacturers are examining all aspects of their operations in
order to minimize costs, maximize profitability, and open new markets.
Manufactures require modern, easy to use, cost effective solutions that
deliver a real return on investment. VAI addresses these needs through
System 2000 for Manufacturing.  Whether your business is a process or
discrete manufacturer, make to stock or make to order, System 2000 for
Manufacturing provides you with robust tools to manage and analyze every
aspect of your business. With its powerful integration, System 2000 for
Manufacturing provides a stable, reliable platform for your business now and
into the future.  Although modular in design, System 2000 for Manufacturing
delivers world class integration between forecasting, manufacturing orders,
MRP, CRP, shop floor control, and quality control. For example, the
forecasting module allows the user to create item forecasts which then roll
into MRP in a daily, weekly, or monthly view. MRP suggestions can then
create manufacturing orders which will be scheduled in the CRP module, and
reported against in shop floor control, and integrated quality control
allows you to track and record any quality data that you require.  In
conjunction with the work flow triggers, extensive reporting, CRM, and many
other world class features, System 2000 provides real value as a tool to
improve the bottom line.  Call today to schedule a demonstration at

e-Business - System 2000 for the web

There is no more dynamic area of business today than e-business. It is,
quite literally, changing the way all business is done. With unheard of
revenues being generated in every industry, e-business is the way of the
future and it's available to your organization right now.  System 2000 for
the Web utilizes LANSA web development tools, which allow you to deploy
applications across a number of combinations of platforms including the
eServer iSeries, and Windows NT/2000. Each of these platforms can be used as
the Application/Data Server or the Web Server which allows you to deploy
your applications in a Multi-Tiered architecture.  System 2000 for the Web
shields you from the technologies you have to learn to deploy Web-enabled
applications. You do not need to learn code-intensive CGI or Java Servlets
to build dynamic Web applications. You simply use VAI's table driven
interface to build and maintain your e-business application. System 2000 for
the Web will automatically generate the HTML or XML pages for you.  Call
today to schedule a demonstration at 1-800-241-4428.

Customer Relationship Management

Improve your bottom line by strengthening customer loyalty with VAI's
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. This dynamic suite of
applications can help you cost-effectively identify, acquire, develop and
retain your most profitable customers. With one central database, Contact
Management provides an enterprise-wide view of all interactions with
Customers and Prospects. Unlimited user-defined fields provide a flexible
database for searching and analysis, and detailed notes help track all
communications. From one sales team dashboard, users can generate quotes and
track specific opportunities, review account information and history, and
create to do lists to flag follow-up activity. Marketing Automation provides
the ability to automate marketing campaigns to the contact database via
email, fax, or mail. Using the group email feature user can send promotional
information, price lists, and collateral instantly to specific contacts
within the database. Using powerful third party Business Intelligence tools,
such as NGS or Crystal Reports, users can create customized reports and
export data to desktop applications to easily analyze and manage sales
information. For your mobile sales team, SalesLinx provides the ability to
download data from the main server to a laptop to give your sales team
remote access to customer, prospect, item and sales order information. Using
Saleslinx users can create customer orders and selectively transmit these
orders to the main server for processing. When used in conjunction with
System 2000 for the Web's sales team access feature, VAI's CRM solutions
help ensure that your sales team is working at maximum effectiveness all the
time, whether they are working local, remote or online.  Call today to
schedule a demonstration at 1-800-241-4428.
System 2000 for Retail
The retail business is not getting any easier: New distribution channels and
e-commerce are nibbling at gross margins, the life cycles of products are
shortening, fussy customers are becoming more demanding, and erratic changes
in demand are forcing retailers to make decisions faster then ever before.
Worse, consolidation is creating ever-larger chains, which means retailers
must manager more store locations, more items, and make thousands of pricing
and inventory decisions for each item at each store. The time is right for
powerful tool that combines the efficiency of point-of-sale, with the
sophistication of an integrated enterprise solution. VAI is please to
introduce System 2000 for Retail, a comprehensive solution for the retail

With System 2000 for Retail, transforming your retail business into an
e-business goes well beyond helping you set up shop online. VAI provides a
complete solution for the Retail industry including Point-of-Sale, Back
Office Accounting, Inventory Management, CRM, and e-commerce. By
centralizing information across your entire organization, you're empowered
to locate and move items more effectively, eliminate costly delays, and make
more informed decisions.  Call today to schedule a demonstration at
Metals Management

  System 2000 for Metals was created by our quality driven development team
to provide a completely integrated and state-of-the-art solution for the
Metals Industry. This dynamic product combines the Quote/Order Processing,
Manufacturing, Distribution and Financial requirements of the Metals
Industry into one complete Enterprise Solution. Complete Integration between
applications allows you to streamline business operations and better serve
your customers. Sharing Information across your entire organization is also
faster and easier with our centralized contact management and conditional
e-mail features. Advanced technology such as EDI, Radio Frequency
Transaction Processing, CRM, Business Intelligence and e-business allow you
to better leverage your information technology investment. System 2000 for
Metals flexible design allows you to automate one area of your operation
today and integrate other areas tomorrow. 

Call today to schedule a
demonstration at 1-800-241-4428.
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