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High Availability
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MIMIX ClusterServer

Introducing the MIMIX ClusterServer - a new and completely integrated clustering solution for availability of applications and data, centralized cluster management, and a worldwide single-point-of-contact 24 x 365 support.

The Need for Availability
The issue of high availability and continuous operations has never been greater among IT managers. To meet the demands of their users, IT managers are adopting clustering technology to reduce planned and unplanned downtime. The solution requires that applications must be written to specific OS/400 APIs. In addition, certified cluster middleware for replication services is required and a cluster manager is necessary to deploy a complete clustering solution. The open architecture allows for each component to be provided by separate vendors. The integration of the solution and the complexity of the support in a multi-vendor environment can be more than challenging. MIMIX ClusterServer provides the solution to answer the challenge.

MIMIX ClusterServer provides a Java-based GUI Cluster Manager, high performance MIMIX Replication Services, MIMIX Application Cluster Templates and MIMIX Cluster Optimizer. The result is an environment which delivers applications that leverage robust high availability coordinated with planned application switchovers or unplanned application fail overs.

MIMIX ClusterServer Solution Includes:

Open Architecture
The MIMIX ClusterServer has two deployment options: the open architecture model using MIMIX ClusterServer and MIMIX-ACT in combination with any HABP replication services and any cluster manager. When the flexible, open architecture model is used, any cluster manager or any high availability business partner software can exploit the AS/400 clustering technology.

Optimal Architecture The Optimal Cluster Implementation uses all of the MIMIX ClusterServer components including MIMIX Replicator. Under the Optimal Implementation the solution is tightly integrated, highly optimized and includes consulting services with a worldwide single-point-of-contact for support. The MIMIX ClusterServer components, combined with the IBM AS/400, provide the most robust clustering environment on the market for realizing complete data and application resiliency.

Users will not only appreciate the automated improved availability but will also realize the additional benefits of deploying a clustering solution, such as workload balancing and unlimited scalability.