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  Model 820 Model 270
  Model 830 New Technology
  Model 840 Advantages to iSeries

New Technology
(available on the new 270 and 8xx models)

High Speed Link (HSL)
High Speed Link (HSL) technology provides Gigabyte speeds between the processor unit and other towers in the configuration. The industry-leading technology is nearly 10 times faster than supported on previous models, and also provides improved reliability.

Dedicated Server for Domino
New Dedicated Servers for Domino are available in both 270 and 820 models. From a positioning standpoint, the second level 270 DSD model has the same processing power as the first level 820 DSD model; but the third DSD 270 is smaller than the second DSD 820. While the 820 provides far more growth (up to a 4-way processor), an expansion tower will be needed if more than 12 disk drives are needed. With the 270, up to 18 disks can be installed under the covers before an external expansion tower is needed (but there is a maximum of 24 disks available on the 270).