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Warranty, Maintenance and Remotely Delivered Services
As an IBM Global Services Business Partner, we can offer world class service and support. When we provide a server solution, IBM backs us up. Check out some of the Warranty, Maintenance and Remotely Delivered Services . More info...

IBM Hardware & Software Maintenance
Our maintenance experts provide hardware, software, and technical support. With this broad and overlapping knowledge base, we can help you analyze your
current environment and determine the best financial and operational
solution to your maintenance support needs. Our team can fully explain the
IBM ServiceSuite offering and Software Maintenance, the new offering from
IBM and make a comprehensive assessment of the coverage you currently have.
In addition to offering the most cost-effective ServiceSuite solutions for
your needs, we can issue you one consolidated invoice to cover all your
maintenance costs. By eliminating the mounds of paperwork and the workload
required to reconcile multiple invoices, Advantage International Systems,
Inc. will save you time and money. We will also help you stay on top of any
developments that will affect your budget planning processes. By keeping you
alert to possible price increases, we can help maximize your maintenance
dollar now, and down the road. For more information on how to "Simplify ...
and Save Money Too" on IBM Maintenance, More info...

PM eServer iSeries
Helping you manage for e-business on demand without disruption - More info...

iSeries and AS/400 System Restore Test
Ensure the availability of your of your critical data with an IBM offering called iSeries and AS/400 System Restore Test . Our skilled iSeries professionals will test the recoverability of your tapes, restore them and document any findings during the restore process. More info ...

Protection Express
Recovery options for IBM technology, Protection Express offers simple and effective business protection. More info...

Online Backup
IBM Online Backup for Distributed Servers provides continuous online backup, off-site electronic vaulting, and recovery of business server data. More info...

Labor Based Services
We can offer a wide range of Labor Based Services from custom contracts, planning, design, and implementation of solutions that complement your IBM installation. More info...

Installation and Custom Services
We offer a variety of installation services and custom services to fit your needs. Tell us what you need to accomplish. Please fill out our Contact Form for all for these special requests.

IBM Operational Support Services - AS/400 System Alert helps prevent problems before they occur. More info.

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